Sunday, May 15, 2011


A lot of words have been said
While we lay here in our bed
A lot of blaming
While the two of us were yelling
Trying to be heard
By the unspoken words
I kept saying, ‘Sorry’.
But you told me to save it for my diary
This was not the how I imaged our conversation
It just seems hopeless with too much aggravation
Lately the fighting has been more than less
Every since my cheating I had to confess
My in digression
Have me so confused and depressed
Is it possible to love two men
But the Bible says it is a sin
My heart laughs calling me a fool
But I can’t go on being selfish & cruel

The father of my child
Threatening to leave when the divorce is filed
I reflect back
So many good years in the past
We vowed to make this marriage last
A house is a home with two people married
The love that created children in that family

My confidant and lover
Threatening me with an ultimatum to expose our cover
When we began this love affair
So carelessly without a care
Now this horrid affair has left me with night mares
Nothing but an emotional roller coaster that will leave me left alone
I got to go and I got to leave this man who broke up my happy home

Thu 4/15/2010 5:02 PM

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