Sunday, May 15, 2011


Welcome to Poetic Love Chronicles written and shared by Cheri' Noire P.S. poetically known as (Poetically Seductive). Sit down, relax and read my narrative of inspirations, love and heartbreaks. We all experienced each of these emotions of hope, passion and despair. Relate to the passion that comes from living our dreams as we watch them come to full fruition. Fall passionately in love with our Prince Charming so we can crown him King of our empire. Until that empire comes crashing down left with a void of hopelessness.

Travel with me on a journey of my memoirs with motivational encouragement and poetically seductive erotic poetry. Visit each room that express my complex moods from CHERI'S THOUGHTS (short stats of my random thoughts), CHERI'S FAITH (inspirations and motivational poems), EROTIC NOIRE (sensual and erotic poems with sexual fantasies) and finally LOST LOVE (heartbreaks moments in time of despair).

Below read Who I Am... Then the passion and love that lives in my poetry... Followed by excerpts from each room as samples of what to expect when you click each tab.  Want more follow me on Face Book: Cheri Noire (Poetically Seductive). Visit my group page, Poetic Love Chronicle and 'LIKE' to join in the conversation of every days issues and discussions with realistic solutions. Share your poems on my 'Poetic Love Chronicles Chat' room with fellow writers and poetics in an open environment to network. Interested inbox me and I will add you to the family.

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