Sunday, May 15, 2011


Poetry for me is a passion for Love.  I enjoy reading and writing poetry from other writers with the same zeal and compassion.  My poetry allows me a way to escape everyday stress and mundane pressures.  A perfect world created from my imagination, felt from every heartbeat, flowing through my veins, spilled by the ink of my pen, drawing an illusion for the reader as they entered my world for that moment of time. Poetry is my best friend who never argues with me but allows me to express those deepest desires never told.  Poetry is my lover who comforts me in the darkest moments when I feel alone and misunderstood by most. And just as God is my source of inspiration for all things good, poetry is that fuel that motivates me to inspire and be the whole woman I was created to be.  Want to know Cheri' read my poetry as it express the true essence inside of me. These are my stories, these are my songs, these are a collections of my memoirs saved in my, "Poetic Love Chronicles"

P.S. (Poetically Seductive)
My Love For Poetry
Cheri' Noire

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big_daddy5628 said...

we shar the same flavor, just in a different prespective