Sunday, May 1, 2011

Pink Blossom in Bloom

by Cheri Noire on Tuesday, March 22, 2011 at 12:41am

Grace you with a gentle Kiss
Across your pussy lips
Moist and wet as the morning dew
With great anticipation of what I’m about to do
Spreading the hood
Kiss the top of the flower as it begins to bloom
Blowing gently to greet you with my mouth
As my tongue begins to travel further down south
Lick and suck the sweet taste
Of honey SUCKle between your legs
Such a pretty sight
Pussy Almond Joy with great delight
Lick you from your asshole
Slowly up again capturing your sinful soul
Won’t stop until I ring your bell
Your legs quivering so I will stay a spell
Spread your lips open wide
So I dipped my tongue deep inside
Your precious pink bouquet
What else is there left for me to say
When lifting your hips up high
Got your eyes rolled back to the sky
Before diving to the depths of your pool
Cum up dripping with drool
Pussy so wet
So glad we met
Flip over for a full body tongue massage
Until you drift off into a hypnotic mirage

P.S. (Poetically Seductive)
Take the time to Smell the Roses
Cheri' Noire @};~;~~~

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